Hints to reduce, reuse, recycle and dispose of the rubbish found in your garage

Ice-cream containers and jam jars are good storage containers for nails, nuts and bolts.

Repair broken tools
Tools in good working order can be on-sold, donated to the Garage ReUse Shop.
Need a specific tool for a one-off job? Borrow the tool from a friend, neighbour or hire from a Hire store.
If you need to replace a tool, where possible buy a tool of a high quality and long-life.
Tool rechargeable batteries are recyclable.

Old vehicles can be recycled at your nearest scrap metal dealer.

Replaced your tyres? Leave them with the Tyre company when you get new ones.
They will be listed on Tyre Track for reusing.
Tyres make excellent worm farms.
Make into a tyre swing or cut in half and use underneath a ‘sea-saw’

Used Oil
Used oil can be recycled.
The empty oil container can be recycled – simply drain the left over liquid from the container, rinse it three times, carefully puncture a hole in the container and recycle at your nearest recycling centre.

Change to mercury free CFL’s (Compact Fluoroscent Light) bulbs.
If you are retrofitting or building a new garage ask your builder about where best to place windows or skylights to take advantage of natural lighting.
Take advantage of natural lighting where possible – open curtains and blinds.
CFL lightbulbs can be recycled.