Hints to reduce, reuse, recycle and dispose of the rubbish found in your bedroom

Repair broken electronics.
Electrical goods in good working order can be on-sold, donated to the Garage ReUse shop.
If you are replacing an electrical product, where possible purchase high quality and long-life products. (Also consider energy star ratings).
Purchase rechargeable batteries for your remotes.
Rechargeable batteries can be recycled.

Repair broken furniture.
If the fabric no longer suits the room, refurbish it.
Furniture in good condition can be on-sold, donated to the Garage ReUse shop.
If you have the space, consider storing the item until your teenage goes flatting.
If you are replacing a piece of furniture, where possible purchase high quality and long-life products.
Search the Garage ReUse shop for ‘vintage’ pieces.

Some household cleaning products are toxic. There are a number of non-toxi, biodegradable and environmentally friendly products available. Check the label for biodegradable and recyclable symbols.
Make your own cleaning products.
Recycle the plastic cleaning product bottle.
Concentrates and refillable version reduce packaging waste.

Change to mercury free CFL’s (Compact Fluorescent Light) bulbs.
If you are retrofitting or building a new house ask your builder about where best to place windows or skylights to take advantage of natural lighting.
CFL Lightbulbs are recyclable.
Incandescent lightbulbs cannot be recycled. The best way to dispose of your lightbulb is to carefully wrap the bulb in newspaper and place in your rubbish bin.

Beauty Products
Purchase quality long-life razor or shaver and save on disposable ones.
Buy cosmetics in recyclable packaging i.e. glass, plastic, cardboard.
Tissue and cotton balls can be composted or fed to your worm farm.
Nail polish remover is a hazardous chemical. Check the label and buy “acetone free” products (you may have to rub harder to get the polish off, but it is better for the environment).
Aerosol deodorant cans are recyclable.
Wallpaper can be recycled.
Paint can be recycled through your local Resene store.
Search the Garage ReUse shop for ‘vintage’ pieces.

Children’s Room
Video Game machines can be recycled.
Swap toys with family and friends. Or visit your local Toy Library.
Borrow books, CDs, DVDs and board games from your Invercargill library or video rental store.